Bears In Space

Daniel McCloskey
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"Bears In Space" by Nate McDonough & Daniel McCloskey
Bears in Space is a hyper-violent homage to the thousands of comic artists who dreamed of making the next Ninja Turtles but ended up with a half-assed version of SWAT Kats.

Self aware, illustrated in a loose colorful style, Bears in Space plays on the thirteen-year-olds in us begging to see a bad-ass loner eviscerate bad guys and gives credit to our adult side that knows this stuff is kind of a joke. This is the third colaberative spacebear comic by Nate "Grixly Man" McDonough and Daniel "Free $$" McCloskey. 

Bears in Space is about bears. . . in space.

5.5" x 8.5", 20 pages. $4
Full-color cover + interiorSaddle-stitched
** Technically, this is "Bears In Space #2", but each issue is a stand-alone story, and #0 & #1 are currently out of print **