Borb #3

Jason Little
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Borb details the slapstick misfortunes of the titular hero, an alcoholic homeless man. These minicomics collect the daily strip Jason Little drew between April and June of 2013, as seen on the web. The strip is drawn in nostalgic homage to daily strips of the 20s and 30s like Gasoline Alley and Little Orphan Annie, and yet depicts the real and timeless horrors of brutal homelessness. And it's hilarious!

Borb no. 3Borb tries to do a good turn, and is rewarded by being thrown in the slammer. We get Borb's full origin tale, and then watch, cringing, as he goes completely down the tubes. 

8.5" x 3.75", 40 pages. $4
B+w cover with b+w interior (with 4 full-color pages!)Saddle-stitched