Brittle Joints
Brittle Joints Brittle Joints Brittle Joints Brittle Joints

"Brittle Joints" by Maria Sweeney

Brittle Joints is a collection of autobiographical stories living with very rare disability. Autobiographical vignettes demonstrate the sometimes uncomfortable, and often unspoken aspects of a disability, as well as the "good days" that gave the most autonomy and independence.

Short stories include topics about navigating relationships, social struggles, transportation, lack of accessibility and commonly misunderstood elements of disability culture. Other stories seek to capture the mental strains that accompanies living with a physically-restricting disability. Brittle Joints is an effort to shed light on disabled representation in literature and comics alike. 

Brittle Joints won a Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo Mini-Grant in 2018.

6.625" x 10.25", 44 pages. $12
Full-color covers and interior