I Think Of Demons/Sticky-Icky-Icky

Drippy Bone Books
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Box Brown of Retrofit Comics/Andre The Giant fame gives us a flip book featuring 2 separate stories, called I Think of Demons/Sticky-Icky-Icky.
I Think of Demons is a 2 tone comic meditation on self-awareness
Focusing on an aggro, arrogant, drug chugging, young man whom hates everything because complaining is the only form of self expression he knows…
Sticky-Icky-Icky, is a story about the truest teenage pursuits, booze, buds, and boobs. 
Browns graphic style invigorates these stories making them pop off the page.
Published by Drippy Bone Books
5" x 7", 40 pages. $8
Full-color covers & interior
** Two story flip-book! **