Drink More Water #1

Chris Monday
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"Drink More Water #1" by Chris Monday

Chris Monday's almost-daily journal comics from September 14th, 2009 to November 20, 2010. The inner workings of one person's mind who is going through many life changes. Also: hilarious.

"...funny, sad, scary, horny, etc. This is the diary of a man who accidentally documents his life falling apart. It's a real kick in the teeth." -Jed Collins, Champ

"Drink More Water abounds with the enthusiasm and determination of a nascent autobiographer, like a young Jeffrey Brown or Ben Snakepit." -Ryan Claytor, Elephant Eater Comics

"Monday's intimate comic reads like a diary, detailing his life as a resentful waiter, bored bartender, music lover, occasional drunk, eternal kid, and oh yeah, new husband and father. Is there a word for heart warming that doesn't suck? Because this is genuinely heart warming... but also gritty and real." -Mishka Shubaly, Author

"Drink More Water made me re-think everything I was doing. I found that I wasn't happy with most of it and that it wasn't acceptable anymore." -Brynne Humphreys, The Second City

"There is more honesty, humor, and sadness on one page of Chris' work than most graphic novels have in their entirety. If there were more guys like Mr. Monday out there maybe I wouldn't have so many panic attacks." -Dimitri Simakis, Everything Is Terrible 

6.5" x 8.5", 480 pages. $16.95 SALE $9.99
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN