Dumb #1+2

Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics
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Dumb is a true comic series about Georgia Webber's voicelessness due to injury, and the subsequent months of recovery. It is also a collection of audio pieces, an interview project, a video collage, a documentation experiment, and a filter through which to examine identity, physiology, spirituality, intimacy, sociology, privilege, justice, and more. And everything.

This compilation reprints the first 2 sold-out parts of Dumb in a single book. Dumb has been nominated for both a Doug Wright Award and an Ignatz Award.

Dumb #1 introduces Georgia in her natural vocally abundant state: working, socializing, volunteering at a bike co-op, going out, all as the pain (represented by stars) interferes more and more. A diagnosis is given, but she is left with little more. Includes an introduction written by Madeleine Palmer, Georgia's voice coach.

Dumb #2 shows the aftermath of diagnosis, the gathering of information, and the trauma of change. An internal battle is waged in images on the page. Includes an an introduction written by Natalie Zina Walschots, a music writer specializing in metal, as well as "Aftermath" and "Splitting."

Published by Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics

7" x 9.16", 40 pages. $8
Full-color cover + interior. Saddle-stitched