Fuff #7

Jeffrey Lewis
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"Fuff # 7 "

Written and drawn by Jeffrey Lewis, 24 b & w pages (packed with comics from inside cover to back cover!), color cover, standard comic format.  An extended 17-page chapter of "Stories My Dad Tells" is a lushly illustrated tale of true beatnik road travels in a '59 Plymouth Convertible interrupted when three bears attack the car...  the rest of the issue is a mind-twisting account of what happens when favorite character Babyshoes follows Gil Finn (the "Fish In Space") on a time-traveling excursion which is either 10 pages long or 20 pages long depending on how you think about it!

6.5" x 10.25", 24 pages. $3.50
Full-color cover with b&w interior. Saddle-stitched