Jetty #2

Rio Aubry Taylor
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“Jetty 2” by Rio Aubry Taylor

ONE BILLION MINUTES IN THE FUTURE, two sorcerer's apprentices search desperately for their missing benefactor by sending out flights of psychic carrier pigeons into the darkened ether. Because this rare and dangerous type of communication may potentially exchange residual memories between sender and receiver, Fill and Leel’ Riot must deal with the ensuing bombardment of emotions returning to them from a host of beings they’ve never met.  Residual memories and experiences include: Beach Beetle’s coincidental foretelling of the apocalypse to Mina, a writhing serpent screaming out to collect the awareness of all powerful sorcerers, and two Queer Commando cyber punks awakening in the Dark Internet after one thousand years of slumber.

4.24” x 5.5”, 12 pages including covers. $2
B+W covers and interior . Saddle-stitched