Jetty #3

Rio Aubry Taylor
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“Jetty 3” by Rio Aubry Taylor

ONE BILLION MINUTES IN THE FUTURE, two Buddhist monks (the flying creature called Squire, and the recovering alcoholic named Tal) search for a missing child named Mina in the woods. They arrive just in time to witness Mina manifesting a previously unknown fire-breathing ability while fending off a horrendous monster posing as her dead mother. MEANWHILE, two queer cyber punks searching for a way out of the Dark Internet get engulfed by a serpent-like monster known as the Roiling Mass, and Abbot Smyth (leader of the Bhikkhus) makes a shady deal with a giant mosquito/gangster known as Fireu. 

4.24” x 5.5”, 24 pages including covers. $3
B+W covers and interior. Saddle-stitched