Jetty #6

Rio Aubry Taylor
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“Jetty 6” by Rio Aubry Taylor

ONE BILLION MINUTES IN THE FUTURE, the swamp witch known as Jogurt defeats the monster called T.T.E.D. (Ten Thousand Eyed Demon), banishing him to the deepest pit of Purgatory. MEANWHILE, a group of wounded monks in the hospital make plans to save their dying friend (and Mina’s uncle), Len. ALSO, trapped in the Dark Internet, Grok and Puggy (two queer cyber punks with a penchant for danger) continue to merge and reassemble after being eaten alive by the web-monster known as the Roiling Mass. 

4.24” x 5.5”, 16 pages including covers. $2
B+W covers and interior. Saddle-stitched