Kid Space Heater #3

Astro Plus Press
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Astro Plus Press and Future Shock Empirical present the 3rd installment of this Sci-Fi action opus from editor publisher creator Josh Burggraf

"Kid Space Heater #3" by Josh Burggraf

The story of the Kid and his Sentient Super-Weapon is further fleshed out in a series of vignettes, moments in time from the chapters of life.  Featuring the menace of Mother Emmanuel and her army of bio-engineered Reptile Men, the dangerous alliance with Federal Agent Stenchcomb and his duo of android bodygaurds, the perils of rampaging devils beyond comprehension and most of all- the dark undercurrent of evil that may or may not emanate from the Space Heater itself.

7.5″ x 10″, 44 pages.  $10 
Full-color cover & interior. Saddle-stitched