Me Likes You Very Much

Hic & Hoc Publications
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The best of five years of Lauren Barnett's always hysterical daily webcomic Me Likes You. It has a lot of swear words and there's at least one animal on a scooter. Published by Hic & Hoc Publications.

"Lauren Barnett's comics are like that nonsensical joke you made in your head right before you fell asleep and it was the funniest thing ever but you couldn't remember when you woke up and were sad all day. Then Lauren drew the joke for you and, much to your delight, it was just as funny as you originally thought."
                                                                      --Julia Wertz (The Fart Party, Drinking at the Movies)

9" x 6", 192 pages. $14
Full-color cover with mix of full-color/b&w interior. Perfect-bound GN