Mooz Boosh: Spinadoodles 8

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"Mooz Boosh: Spinadoodles 8" by Sam Spina

We finally get to print a Spinadoodles! Sam swears this is his last one, but many are skeptical. Drawn as a page-a-day diary, interspersed with pages of sketches, Mooz Boosh finds Sam and Samantha in L.A. at the tail end of their 20's. Sam deftly renders the foggy experience of navigating adulthood; when you've got a real job & a spouse & care about the world around you, but also want to eat takeout, learn new juggling tricks, and go to metal shows. 

Mooz Boosh is chock full of Sam's wonderfully disarming humor, and highlights his clear joy for life. It makes for a refreshing, uplifting, and fun read. 

Published by Kilgore Books

5" x 7.5", 84 pages. $10
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN