The Cartoon Picayune #5 (Hard Work)

Josh Kramer
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"The Cartoon Picayune #5 (Hard Work)" anthology
edited by Josh Kramer

The Cartoon Picayune is a self-published zine anthology of journalism in the form of
comics. Already into its fifth issue, this new publication aspires to serve as the home
for truthful reporting in the comics medium. Experience what The Big Planet Comics
Podcast calls "The This American Life of comics."

Issue #5 has four stories on a theme of “Hard Work.” Andy Warner, a cartoonist
published in many venues including Slate, has a story about the sex workers in San
Francisco fighting to change to their legal status. Emi Gennis takes us back with her
historical comic about the Radium Girls of the 1930s. Erik Thurman and Editor Josh
Kramer round out the issue with two shorter stories about the hard work of South Korean coffee shops and a cookies food truck, respectively. Cover art by Pat Barrett.

5.5" x 8.5", 36 pages. $4
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Saddle-stitched