Dennis P. Eichhorn's Real Good Stuff #1 & #2

Poochie Press
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"Real Good Stuff #1 & #2" anthology

Dennis P. Eichhorn is back with his first all-new collection of autobiographical comic stories in over 20 years, illustrated by veteran Real Stuff artists and new talents alike. This special double issue - with two issues printed at a large, magazine size - is filled to the brim with sex, drugs and debauchery, all culled from Eichhorn's colorful life. Contributing artists include Michael Arnold, Jim Blanchard, Max Clotfelter, Mary Fleener, Ben Horak, Sean Hurley, Aaron Lange, Pat Moriarity, Tom Van Deusen, and Noah Van Sciver.

Published by Poochie Press.

8.25" x 10.5", 66 pages. $10
Full-color cover with b&w interior. Saddle-stitched
* Flip-book contains one issue on each side! *