ROM Prison Riot

Josh Bayer
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Josh bayer has spent half of his career ripping off old comics. "Rom Prison Riot" is no exception! In it, Josh painstakingly “covers” two 1983 issues of Bill Mantlo’s Rom Spaceknght (issues 31 and 32).

It's an indie comics reinterpretation of the overlooked superhero masterpiece ROM, combined with “Theth”, a sixteen page fictional piece about a weird little 12 year old weirdo stuck in Ohio in 1982. Theth has since gone on to star in the 80 page THETH book jointly from Retrofit and IAMWAR comics. Read it and find out why Tom Hart called Josh Bayer "the best comics artist in America" and why Johnny Ryan said that  "josh Bayers comics are like John Stanley and Irving Tripp rode a monster truck through Bill Mantlo's chicken coop!"

7" x 8.5", 48 pages. $5.50
Three-color risograph cover with b&w interior. Saddle-stitched
** Cover shown is different than what we have in stock (black drawing, pink & blue highlights) ***