Rabid Rabbit #11 (Tall Tales & Magnanimous Myths)

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Rabid Rabbit’s Tall Tales and Magnanimous Myths explores the mystical and magical stories of questionable truths and fanstastic origins.

This book is one hundred percent kid-friendly. There is no adult content as with most Rabid Rabbit magazines.

Featuring the comic creations of You ByunSophia WiedemanJames TurekVictor KerlowBrendan LeachJosh Burggraf, Anuj ShresthaBen MarraAya KakedaChadwick Whithead,C.M.ButzerKripa JoshiS.Y.ChoiTao NyeuCharles FetherolfNeil NumbermanMatt RotaFay RyuSal AmendolaPaul HoppeSakura MakuJohn GreenAndres Vera MartinezAngbot DazbogMarion VitusBen SeaBen Trinh,and Reuben Negron!

Also in this issue:
A story of questionable origins by Adam Eye!
Tory Sica and Matt Cavanaugh

And a gracefully designed cover by Ben X. Trinh