Rabid Rabbit #6 (The Future)

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Rabid Rabbit delves headfirst into the FUTURE! Twenty-two comic creators set in ink their visions of the future. Some have created a haunting vision where others find hope and prosperity, but it wouldn’t truly be an exploration of the future without s couple of post-apocalyptic nightmares!  What lies in the future? Well, hopefully you picking up this fantastic book!

Contributing Artists in this book- Anuj ShresthaAdam KidderFay RyuWendi KoontzReuben NegronPaul HoppeBen X. TrinhMarion VitusSakura MakuAya KakedaBen SeaBrian M. WeaverBen MarraSung Yoon Choi,Tao Nyeu, and C.M.Butzer

Also in this issue:
lllustration by Sam WeberTaeeun Yoo and Jonathan Bean!
Special centerspread by the awesome David Sandlin!
All behind a stunning cover courtesy of C.M.Butzer! And to wrap it up, a vicious back cover by the celebrated Marshall Arisman!

5.5" x 8.5", 40 pages. $3
Full-color cover with b&w interior