The Stovebolts "To The Top" CD

Jamie Vayda
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The Stovebolts' debut album "To The Top" on shiny compact disc.  11 tracks of juke joint shak'n, hell raising punk rock-n-roll dynamite from South Mississippi. This album has become an instant classic in the REAL punk rock underground. Features lead vocals by LOUD COMIX artist Jamie Vayda!

Track listing:
1. Comin to Jesus
2. Cocaine Lube
3. Drink, Dance, Hoot, and Holler (Sonny Joe Harlan)
4. Out of Town
5. Devil Likes Pretty Things
6. To the Top
7. Compadres
8. Welfare Booze
9. Freon Head (Before I Hang)
10. Streets of Iron (Bad Times)