The East Village Inky #30

Ayun Halliday
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The East Village Inky — in which the Hoosier-born mother of two native New Yorkers, Ayun Halliday, manages to issue forth yet another quarterly installment of their New York City lives. Perishables & Dry Goods! Insomnia! Naked people dancing in a wholesome manner! Obscurities reviewed! Live Theater! Recipes! Comics! Advice to the Fathers! Babyproofing Hilarity! A Paucity of Negative Space!

Issue #30: In which a 40 year old Hoos-Yorker, subjected to such trials as the class bear, the school rabbit & weekly swimming lessons, turns right around and subjects those smaller than herself to a week's worth of enforced enrichment!

4.25″ x 5.5″, 40 pages. $3
B+w covers & interior. Saddle-stitched