The Tiny Report #5

Paper Rocket Minicomics
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"The Tiny Report #5" by Robyn Chapman

Edited by Robyn Chapman 
with Haleigh Buck and Robin Enrico, cover by Zack Soto 

This is our most ambitious issue of the Tiny Report yet, with 60 full-color pages of minicomic reviews, interviews, and bibliographies! We have profiles of two groundbreaking, but very different, comic artists. We start with an interview with Eleanor Davis and an overview of her early minicomic work, and we follow that with Haleigh Buck's in-depth interview with Mike Diana, the first American artist to be convicted of obscenity. We also have a bunch of minicomic reviews by Robyn Chapman and Robin Enrico. And as always, we chronicle the output of micro-publishers in the Micro-Press Yearbook fold-out.

Published by Paper Rocket Minicomics

5.5" x 8.5", 60 pages. $6
Risograph cover and centerfold, full-color interior. Saddle-stitched