Lady Turbo's The Biggest Loser, Pt. 1

Meghan Turbitt
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Part 1 of the Sequel to Meghan Turbitt's Lady Turbo and the Terrible Cox Sucker.

 Lady Turbo is left alone while her trusted sidekick and confidant , Brent is occupied with his duties as Pope. While mourning this huge loss, Lady Turbo takes to Twitter to solve her problems. A Twitter advertisement for America’s favorite television show “THE BIGGEST LOSER” confuses, and convinces Lady Turbo SHE is the biggest loser and must travel to Los Angeles at once.  While there, she encounters Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities, Mel Gibson and OJ Simpson with whom many adventures ensue…

5" x 7", 20 pages. $5
Black & white cover with b&w interior. Saddle-stitched