Wait...It Gets Worse #4

Gideon Kendall
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"Wait...It Gets Worse #4" by Gideon Kendall & Doug Latino

"Wait...It Gets Worse" is the auto-bio series from Gideon Kendall and Doug Latino.  Think Ferris Bueller meets Dazed and Confused meets Mad magazine.  The non-fiction series is heavily influenced by the master storytellers of the Alt- and Underground '60's and 70's era.
More sad and funny autobiographical stories from Gideon Kendall and Doug Latino. Highlights include “Gentrification Stormtrooper” and “Timothy Leary Was On (To) Something”, The fourth issue features additional art by Eli Neugeboren, Sarah Lee Grillo, Jason Quinones & Julie Peppito with back cover art by Neil Dvorak
6.75" x 10.25", 36 pages. $7
Full-color cover with b+w interior . Saddle-stitched