Weekend Alone

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"Weekend Alone" by Noah Van Sciver

Lookout! It's Noah Van Sciver's brain laid bare! Now you can get inside the psyche of the famed author of The Hypo and Blammo! Weekend Alone is the first in a two-issue reproduction of his wonderfully poignant sketchbook comics.

Let's be clear, this is not a simple collection of doodles. When you get Weekend alone you are getting full stories, gag strips, beautifully rendered drawings and new, never before seen characters. in a variety of media and IN FULL COLOR! We've gone out of our way to give you the unadulterated Van Sciver! Every attempt was made to reproduce each page exactly as it is seen in his actual sketchbook (including the cover). This is an extremely limited run!

Also, don't forget the sequel: Weekend For Two (available in our shop)!

Published by Tinto Press

4.75"" x 7.25", 114 pages. $15
Full-color cover and interior. Perfect-bound GN