Weekend For Two

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"Weekend For Two" by Noah Van Sciver

It's the sequel to the hit sketchbook comic Weekend Alone! As with the first, this is not a simple collection of sketches.  Full stories, gag strips, beautifully rendered drawings and never before seen, new characters grace its pages. Even more inspired work from Noah Van Sciver, the author of The Hypo and Blammo; and in full color! 

This is a great look inside the mind of one of the best up-and-coming comics artists in the field today. Every attempt was made to reproduce each page exactly as it is seen in his actual sketchbook (including the cover).  104 pages of pure Noah as you've grown to love him. Produced exclusively at Tinto Press. Supplies are limited so pick it up while you can! 

Published by Tinto Press

4.75″ x 7.25″, 104 pages. 
Full-color cover & interior. Perfect-bound GN